Cleaning and disinfection services for prevention against Coronavirus in Mallorca

Limpiezas Sayago – Palma de Mallorca

Disinfection Services Limpiezas Sayago Mallorca
Limpiezas Sayago takes care of even the smallest detail so that the cleaning is complete.

We offer Cleaning and Disinfection services for the prevention of Covid-19 in Mallorca, with the highest quality to our clients.

We respect the strictest protocols and disinfection processes to guarantee the safety of our clients and their public.

We offer our Coronavirus disinfection services to all types of establishments and businesses, as well as to individuals, vehicles and any type of location.

Cleaning and disinfection are two concepts that must be united, since cleaning is not synonymous with disinfection.

Something that is clean may not be disinfected and therefore may still be a source of infection.

But only a subsequent disinfection with the appropriate products and methods can ensure the elimination of viruses and bacteria.

At Limpiezas Sayago we are available to answer your query about our disinfection services for the prevention of Coronavirus in Mallorca.

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