Upholstery Cleaning


Limpiezas Sayago – Palma de Mallorca


At Limpiezas Sayago we use an adequate cleaning method according to the technical characteristics of upholstered furniture (upholstered chairs, sofas, armchairs, etc.)

In the choice of the cleaning process we take into account the physio-chemical characteristics of the fibers that make up the furniture as well as the type of filler and its characteristics.

We eliminate the dust on the upholstered furnitire by means of a suction with a total filter. Then we apply a thorough cleaning treatment by using dry foam or another suitable treatment for the maintenance of the proper qualities and physical appearance of the upholstery.

With our cleaning process we guarantee a total elimination of mites, bacteria, germs and microorganisms, and with it an effective disinfectant action through which the furniture will recover its splendor.

Another characteristic of our cleaning process is the natural softness that returns to the fibers, as well as the bright colors that give them a new look.

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