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Limpiezas Sayago – Palma de Mallorca

Cleaning and protection of noble stone pavements

At Limpiezas Sayago we know that the best care is prevention, that’s why we offer the service of cleaning and protection of indoor and outdoor floors.

 Limpiezas Sayago has been carrying out treatments of all types of floors for more than a decade, training all its specialists and putting all means at the client’s disposal to obtain an optimal service.

Cleaning of Clay Floors

Cleaning is one of the most delicate and important parts in the protection process of this type of surface.

Therefore the application of cleaning and protection treatments by professionals is highly recommended for you to enjoy these artisan pavements.

At LIMPIEZAS SAYAGO we perform clay floor treatments using highly qualified staff equipped with a rotating machine to distribute and apply the optimum combination of products that the pavement needs. Depending on the type of stain, we will use acid, alkaline or disinfectant products.

Once it is completely clean, we must wait until it dries completely before applying a protection treatment, which we apply according to the conditions and needs of the soil to be treated.

Finally, highlight that the products we use do not emit vapors. They can be used to clean rustic floors such as unpolished stone and aged marble, and their application does not damage the pavements.

Protection of exterior pavements and stone cladding against moisture

  • If your outdoor space is subject to humidity and rain, we recommend protecting it with a breathable waterproof product (ideal for natural stone, agglomerates, cement, mud and klinker) that prevents the formation of algae, verdigris and efflorescence and protects the surfaces against the agents atmospheric and humidity.

Anti-stain and anti-graffiti protection for exterior stone surfaces

  • To ensure an efficient protection that does not alter the natural appearance of the exterior stone, it is advisable to apply an anti-stain ecological product that protects not only the stains but also the graffiti preventing the paints and colors from penetrating the stone and, allowing successive cleaning easier and faster.

Re-stain anti-stain treatment for unpolished stones placed outdoors

  • If what you want is to rekindle the tone of your stone and create a pleasant wet effect, we will apply a protective anti-stain rejuvenating wet effect, ideal for barbecue or parking areas.
    Its hydrophobic formula rekindles the material and makes it extremely resistant to traffic, facilitating the subsequent cleaning of the treated surface.

Anti-stain treatment for interior surfaces

  • To protect interior noble areas such as walls or floors, we will apply a protective product for all types of domestic stains while maintaining the natural tonality or intensifying it with a wet effect enhancing the veins and colors of the stones, according to the taste of the client.
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