Hygiene Supplies


Limpiezas Sayago – Palma de Mallorca

Consumibles Higiénicos Limpiezas Sayago Mallorca

Limpiezas Sayago S.L offers a replacement service for all hygiene supplies and women\’s sanitary disposal units. The rental and maintenance service of all sanitary disposal units facilitates safe waste management and without damaging the environment. It\’s also cost-effective, avoiding costly issues like clogged pipes, and protects your employees from having to handle this kind of waste. • With total discretness, we provide a new disposal unit on every visit. • Each unit contains an antibacterial liquid with a pleasant and fresh smell, to encourage use. • At our service centre, each unit undergoes a rigorous, high-temperature cleaning and hygienizing process We have a wide range of produts for all types of bathrooms: • Industrial or regular-sized toilet paper, • Liquid hand soap • Hand towels or paper rolls We install dispensers for free upon purchase of the supplies.

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