Pool cleaning

Outdoor and Heated swimming pools

Limpiezas Sayago – Palma de Mallorca

At Limpiezas Sayago we take care of the maintenance of your pool from the first clean-up to water maintenance and surrounding areas.

Preparation of pools at the beginning of the season

We check all mechanical equipment (filters, pumps, skimmers, etc.) for their perfect operation, and if there is a problem or breakdown we solve it so that during the season the whole installation works perfectly.

Pool basins
We clean pool basins, eliminating dirt. By means of a strong brush and descaling product, we rub the walls and the bottom.
We carry out algae removal of the basins by means of brush and algae-killer solution on walls and bottoms, thus eliminating the algae and mold deposits.

If necessary, we also paint pools, using chlorine rubber paint, mixing in the algaecide paint, thus avoiding the subsequent growth of algae on the walls.

Scrubbing equipment, circuit pipes and filters

We circulate water in a closed circuit, if possible, through pipes and filters, water treated several times with algaecide

  • Water preparation
  • We take care of filling the pools with water if they are empty
  • We check the PH
  • If the water is cloudy, we flocculate it
  • We perform chlorine treatment for water disinfection
  • Pool cleaning
  • Cleaning accessories and surrounding areas
  • We clean and disinfect leap levers, rills, footbaths, pool showers, steps, and surrounding areas to avoid the spread of fungi.
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