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Limpiezas Sayago – Palma de Mallorca

Limpiezas Sayago was founded in 1996 as a cleaning and maintenance services company. Since then it has expanded to include a wide variety of activities, chiefly concerning build site clean-ups, floor treatments, community cleaning services, window cleaning etc…

Since the start we have always provided high quality and service. With this web page we\’d like to share both the technological level we can offer as well as our variety of maintenance cleaning, building site clean-ups and floor treatment services.

We appreciate the attention you have given us by reaching this webpage, where you have found the ideal company for all your facility’s cleaning needs. Limpiezas Sayago offers complete and extensive experience in all services our clients may require.

We take care of any and all cleaning jobs, with various levels and all processes available, using the most recent technology and with a vision to always give our clients the highest quality of service possible.

Advantages of Hiring Limpiezas Sayago

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