A very common problem when a private person is hired, is when he or she gets sick or enjoys his vacation leave, with LIMPIEZAS SAYAGO he will not have to worry about anything, since he will always have his clean rooms covering the service at all times. cleaning in the periods in which the personnel assigned to the client can not attend.
Making you completely unconcerned.

For your complete peace of mind, in addition to cleaning, we offer the supply service of hygienic consumables (hand soap, dry-hands, toilet paper (domestic or industrial size) and feminine hygienic containers.

Personnel of our specially prepared company periodically supervises the fulfillment of the cleaning levels in which we commit ourselves.

We designate among our templates a responsible / interlocutor, to resolve as many incidents as possible and give the necessary information about the development of the contracted activity.
This interlocutor can be reached by mobile phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In short, LIMPIEZAS SAYAGO as a service company puts at your disposal all the necessary doctors for you to enjoy your clean rooms without having to worry about it.



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