Glasses and bright mirrors

For many people cleaning the glass is an almost impossible task or at least very complicated, there are always marks, streaks and fingerprints. However, for this task there are many techniques and suggestions, from the different commercial products with alcohol to the most unusual homemade recipes. Among the homemade formulas we find the mixture of water and a bit of vinegar, which degreases and gives shine. Also putting in equal parts, alcohol, white vinegar, ammonia and water, you get a mixture of rapid evaporation that leaves a lot of shine.

The crystals can be cleaned with cloths that do not leave lint, newspaper or glass cleaners with rubber on the end. The advantage of this instrument is that it leaves no traces and you just have to dry the edges.

If they are very dirty, clean the glasses and mirrors with half cut onion. When the onion is dirty, cut a small slice and continue to clean all the glass. Then give a pass with newspaper and ready.


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