Window Cleaning

Limpiezas Sayago – Palma de Mallorca

At Limpiezas Sayago we have professionals specialized in this field to ensure efficient work on any glazed surface.

Cleaning and hygiene are essential requirements that form the basis of quality.

The ensure high levels of hygiene as well as supervision and quality control, our staff have been prepared for these functions through ITEL, an institute of recognized prestige at an international level.

Our company has specialized in performing all those cleanings that must be performed in difficult-to-access areas (canopies, arches, vaults, curtain walls, etc …) Adapting to the different situations that are necessary to perform special cleanings that require specialized technicians due to their difficulty and height.

The staff that performs these cleanings has been specially prepared for this.

In all services we use rigorous safety measures against falls, thus avoiding any danger in the development of any job, performing all tasks with great professionalism and providing an unbeatable final quality.

In short, our guarantee is also in our constant aim to meet your needs with the cleaning methods and systems best suited to each case, to get the best service at the lowest cost and always on the basis of total quality.

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